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5 Tips To Get Along Better with Your Cat!


Cats are one of the most loving and popular pet in the whole world. So usually there are lots of kitten lovers in the world. Adopting a cat isn’t always the easiest process. If you are a cat lover and you don’t know how to get friendly with a cat, stay with us, we are going to reveal some magical tips. These tips will describe to you how to get a cat to like you. So, keep reading to find out.

5. Avoid punishment and opt for positive reinforcement

Kitties and young cats are exceptionally active and it is completely normal, they will get up to mischief such as scratching furniture, jumping encounters, and even biting. We need to be patient and understand that these behaviors are species-specific and it is only through positive reinforcement, we can appropriately redirect their behavior into less destructive habits. We must avoid punishment such as scolding or hitting altogether as it only causes distress, stress, and poor bond.

4. Respect their routine and schedule

To get along with your cat it is essential you understand the following, cats are animals of routine and they hate to do anything against their will. This is why it is so important we follow a consistent schedule for feeding, playing and other activities. We must also try to avoid hugging or playing with them if they clearly show they don’t want to. Doing so will likely result in a scratch.

3. Do Not Interrupt When They Use The LITTER BOX

Using a cool cat litter box is an important part of a cat’s routine and they shouldn’t be disturbed. This is because when cats relieve themselves they tend to feel vulnerable and will remain in a state of alert against a possible threat. This makes them more easily frightened by movement and noise, if the animal is frequently disturbed in their litter box they may even stop using it altogether and look to somewhere else in the house to urinate and defecate in peace.

2. Don’t stare at them

When a human and a cat have a poor bond it is inadvisable to look at them intensely for any length of time. Felines can interpret this behavior as negative or even inseminating this leads to distrust and may even result in aggressive reactions.

1. Play with your cat

Contrary to the popular belief that cats are not affectionate animals, the truth is they love to receive attention and affection, especially three games. However, we too often play with our cats incorrectly which can lead to unwanted behavior in the long term, specifically we too often use our hands or feet to play with our cats leading to biting and scratching. Ideally, it is better to play with cats using toys, reserved using our hands for petting and affectionate interaction, this is especially important when we have children in the home.