5 Videos Of Pit Bulls Being Cute, Funny, And Awesome


Most Pit Bull owners can tell you that these pups are so full of love, and with the right training, they’re capable of just about anything. In October, help fight the bad reputation these pups get by spreading positivity.cute dog videos

We’ve found some of our favorite videos of Pit Bulls that show just how adorable, sweet, and amazing these dogs are!cute dog videos

5. Interspecies Besties

Sharky is friends with all of his animal buddies, no matter what species they are. He’s got a cat friend, a guinea pig pal, and a little bunny that he showers with doggy kisses.option pitbull

The gentle pup seems to love snuggling up in a cuddle pile. The big guy is so happy, he’s ready to take a nap.cute dog videos

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