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7 Cutest Dog Breeds in the World


I may be biased but dogs are some of the most entertaining, lovable and loyal pets you can get and besides their shining personality, who can resist the cutest dog breeds? Dogs are our best friends, they are the only ones that are constantly happy to see you walk through the door, they are interactive, and they tend to exert unconditional love. They are the epitome of innocence and cuteness, which you can definitely spot in the following 7 cutest dog breeds!


dog gone gorgeous

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Known for being friendly, active and obedient, they are perfect for being trained for work—as guide dogs, therapy dogs, and police dogs. Originally bred to be gun dogs, the reason for the Labrador’s soft mouth is so that they would not damage the game when they retrieve them, usually from bodies of water.

Have you ever been hit by a Lab’s thick tail? It is the perfect aid as it assists them when propelling themselves when swimming. If you want a gentle but playful dog that loves to please, then the Labrador Retriever is the perfect dog for you. Better watch out though, Labs gain weight easily and must, therefore, have a proper diet. Head over to the next page…dog gone gorgeous