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7 Ways To Read Your Cat’s Mood

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While decoding cat speak can feel impossible at times (Why did he just twitch his tail? What’s that glare about?) cats are actually quite good at giving us clues into what they’re thinking and feeling.

“It can be difficult to understand cat behavior or moods, but with some basic knowledge of feline natural history, practice acknowledging body language, and personal experience, owners can become aware of what their cat may be communicating,” said Melissa J. Sigala, behavior and training specialist for the spcaLA. cat accident

Here are 7 common behaviors your cat is likely to exhibit, and what it probably means when he’s doing them.

#7. Scared Cat

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What it looks like: Cats who are scared may hunker down with their ears back, vocalize their fear through hisses or growls, or can even run away and hide. “His eyes may become wide with dilated pupils, and his hackles may erect while he stands on his toes with his back arched,” says Sigala.  

A scared cat may also try to look as small and non-threatening as possible, says certified cat behavior consultant Pam Johnson-Bennet. “He may perch with his paws tucked underneath and tail wrapped closely around his body and he may also avoid looking at your as a way of saying he’d rather not engage,” she says. “A scared cat may also not engage in typical daily activities like eating, using the litter box or playing.”

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