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8 Surprising And Secret Ways Your Dog Says ‘I Love You’


99% of dog owners love their pet and sometimes consider him a family member in their own right.

But can we say the same … the reverse? Fortunately, there are several unstoppable techniques to answer this question. Thanks to the following points, you will be able, by analyzing the behavior of your dog, to know if he likes you. And if so, how far! dog park billings mt

Here are 8 proofs that your dog loves you homeowners insurance without dog breed restrictions

#8 – Staring directly into your eyes

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According to the dog expert Brian Hare, “When a dog looks you straight in the eye, it’s like he’s hugging you by the look. In other words, a sign of immense affection!

Several studies have shown that when your dog stares at you while you’re playing together, cuddling you or at least sharing a moment, it releases into your body oxytocin, the same hormone that helps moms bond with their babies after birth. This is to say if the link between the owner and his dog can be strong.

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