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10 Dog Breeds That Are Overwhelmingly Affectionate


Are you attracted to super cuddly dog breeds, looking for the sticky doggie that overwhelms you with cuddles and adores you even in your dreams? Be inspired by our selection to make the right choice, but be aware that these dogs do not support extended absences. dog care insurance

10 Dog Breeds That Are Overwhelmingly Affectionate: 

#1 – Labrador Retriever

It should be no surprise to anyone that the Labrador Retriever has made our list! They are very loyal companions, and always playing or running around. On the other hand, their sweet demeanor also makes for a dog that is ready to cuddle up and enjoy quiet time with their families. Because they are so affectionate, Labs will often be more willing to be affectionate and greet strangers than other breeds. However, they can also be somewhat protective when it comes to their families and their owners, but never to the point of being aggressive; Just a bark or two will do the trick for them.

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