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Taking Puppy Photos – Tips You Can Use!


Everyone agrees puppies are darn cute. Even though your puppy is gorgeous and does the cutest, funniest, most amazing things, capturing it on film can be an uphill battle.

It is well worth the effort of trying and of persevering through – all that puppy cuteness and adorability won’t last for long, and you’ll be forever glad you captured such a wonderful part of your pup’s life forever.

Here are my Top 6 Tips for photographing your new puppy…

6. Make the Most of Camera Settings

Most cameras have a setting for action shots to help you capture your furry moving target. Decide ahead of time if you plan to print photos or leave them on the internet or your computer. For print, you will want at least 200 dpi (dots per inch) or better—this is a higher resolution—so the images will not be fuzzy when you enlarge them. Setting at a high resolution also lets you crop the picture taken from a distance and enlarge to quality close up. Photos posted online only need a resolution of 72 dpi.

5. Work with Your Puppy

You can’t really ‘make’ a puppy do anything! And trying to do so could cause you frustration and annoy your puppy. You can certainly work with them though.

Watch where they go and what they do naturally so you can position yourself to capture just that photo. Draw on any training and skills that they may have developed. If they know ‘sit’ even briefly, then, by all means, use that to give yourself a few moments to compose and take their photo. Use a chair, sofa or other props where a puppy will sit, evenly briefly, allowing you the opportunity to get the photo.

4. Be Fun and Engaging

As a puppy owner, you have the wonderful advantage of knowing what will be fun for them and having them trust you.

Photograph them doing what it is that they love to do as a puppy. Try sounds, their favorite words (‘Walk’ is often very well known), squeakers, toys and treats to see which engages them best and get the response that you are wanting to photograph.

3. Focus on Whiskers

Digital cameras have nifty auto-focus functions. This feature is great if you have bad eyesight. Just focus on the general vicinity of your pet’s whiskers and your whole puppy shot should be aligned perfectly.

2. Wait for their sleepy time

While puppies do have bursts of crazy high energy, they also sleep a lot.

Following the high energy (which can be great fun to capture in itself) they will have a period where they calm down and get very sleepy. This is a great opportunity to photograph them in all their puppy cuteness.

1. Capture them ‘pet paparazzi’ style!

Take pictures of your puppy when they are unaware and be amazed by the sweet and funny moments you capture (as well as maybe a couple of naughty ones!).