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Top Signs That Show Your Cat Is Happy


There is nothing more soothing than having a happy cat, curled up on your lap purring gently, and as cat owners, we all want our cats to be happy. However, while purring is a sure-fire sign that our feline friend is contented, there are some other signs of a contented kitty that are not so obvious.

5. Your cat is vocal

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We all know cats meow but they make all sorts of noises, to ask for food, request a cuddle, tell you they are cold or want to go outside. They also make very specific noises when they are feeling happy and content, almost responding to your chat. The purring sound is a very good indicator that a cat is happy but a cat being vocal is generally a good sign. The more high-pitched the sounds are, the better, as sometimes the lower pitch meows can indicate they are frustrated and want something.

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