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Top 5 Signs That Show Your Cat Is Happy

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There is nothing more soothing than having a happy cat, curled up on your lap purring gently, and as cat owners, we all want our cats to be happy. However, while purring is a sure-fire sign that our feline friend is contented, there are some other signs of a contented kitty that are not so obvious.

5. Your cat greets you with a warm welcome

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You will know your cat is happy by the welcome you get when you first wake up in the morning and come down to give them breakfast, or when you come home from a day at work and they come running up to meet you at the door. Cats express their feelings physically – if they are happy to see you, after you have been away for any length of time, then they will show you with a straight, upright tail, erect ears and by then rubbing his ears, face and body around your legs – just watch they don’t trip you over by rubbing around your ankles!