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10 Of The Most Loyal Dog Breeds


When it comes to choosing a dog for your family, many people look for the quality of being loyal. Although most breeds express a certain amount of loyalty to their owner and family, some breeds have a better sense of loyalty than others. ollie dog food

Loyalty to you and your family may mean one thing to you and another, to a different dog owner, but essentially, loyalty from your dog means; obeying you and your commands. It means that the dog will protect you in a dangerous situation. And it means that he is always with you and wants to be with you above anyone else. When you think a dog who exhibits this type of loyalty, typically people will get a quick visual of the German Shepard breed, a Doberman or Retriever. Well, these breeds do fall into this category, but there are more, and Here are 10 of the most loyal dog breeds available.

1. Saint Bernard

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The Saint Bernard breed was originally bred to be a guard of Switzerland’s Hospice Saint Bernard. The large breed is most thought of, for its ability and loyal nature in rescuing injured people and people in despair. They were used in the mountainous areas where heavy snow and avalanches were common and could locate and rescue them. The breed eventually began to take notice in the US. They have migrated into homes across the US and have made exceptional family pets that take their loyalty and dedication to their owners, seriously.emotional support dog letter