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10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy While You’re At Work


One of the toughest factors to consider when deciding to get a pet is your ability to give it all the care and attention it needs. While some pets will need minimal or not-so-regular care, like fishes or birds, some will need daily exercise, like dogs. This added, not to mention lifelong, commitment may feel like a big burden, and for people who work long hours, this is something to consider seriously before buying or adopting a pet.in home dog sitting

If only it were possible to have your dog with you the whole day as you work or be able to do everything together. You would not have to worry about your beloved pet being lonely and bored the whole day.

The key is to keep your dog occupied so that he can spend these hours as pleasantly as possible. After all, your pet will also need some down and alone time, to rest or take a nap. During the rest of this time, he will just need some entertainment in order not to feel lonely. Here are some tips for you to keep your pooch busy while you are making your living.  homeowners insurance dog breed restrictions

10. Let Your Dog Look Out

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For a simple way to make this work, leave a window or two open – not wide enough to let your dog sneak through, though – or install some holes to peek through in the fence. dog fence company

If these aren’t options, just leaving the curtains open so your dog can stare out is good, too. You can even build a makeshift lookout point with old furniture and boxes that will allow your dog to peek over the fence without climbing over…Head over to the next page