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5 Must-Know Tips To Take Care of Your Dog’s Paws


We all know that feeling of coming home from a long day out from work, school or simply grocery shopping and taking off those shoes. That wonderful feeling of relief from not having any restriction on your feet, the air on your toes and overall comfort is one of the first steps you take to relax. Your dog can’t do that. His paw pads are his biological equivalent to shoes and they’re on for good. They take the wear and tear of walking, hiking, running, chasing balls or squirrels and any other doggy things your pooch may do on a daily basis. Just like the soles of your shoes, his pads can crack, rip, dry up and become painful to deal with. A few steps can help to make your pup’s paws healthier and more comfortable.

5. Trimming

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If a dog’s nails are click, click, clicking when she walks or get snagged easily, then she is in need of having them clipped. The nails should barely skim the ground. Most vets offer this service if the owner is too anxious to do it themselves or the dog is unwilling to have it done. The hair in between the pads does cause painful matting if not trimmed regularly. Comb hair out and trim so they’re even with the pads. Check for pebbles or other debris while trimming…Head Over To The Next Page