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Top 10 Dog Breeds that Don’t Shed – Cute Dogs That Dont Shed


Shedding is a completely natural process for dogs and other mammals. It’s how they get rid of damaged or older hair. Some breeds shed excessively in the spring as they lose their heavy winter coat. Dogs that stay indoors all year may shed at a uniform rate regardless of the season. If you brush your dog regularly or take him to the groomer, chances are good that he will shed less because old, damaged hairs will be proactively removed.

Understanding how to minimize shedding helps many pet parents deal more effectively with the problem. Still, other people are left wondering whether or not there are Shedless Dogs Breeds. dog care insurance

Unfortunately, you are unlikely to come across any dogs that don’t shed at all. However, there are dogs that shed so little that their parents are shocked to find the occasional, errant hair on their sleeve or the sofa. These breeds come in all shapes and sizes, so whether you prefer a small, medium or large dog, you’re bound to find one that will fit in with your family. Top 10 Shedless Dogs Breeds 

10. Standard Poodle

This fantastic breed typically lives for between 10 and 13 years. Good-natured and intelligent, the Standard Poodle makes a wonderful companion for any family. Its coat looks best when it receives daily brushing and clipping for each season. Poodles are also a good choice for people who have sensitive noses as the breed is known to be all but odorless.

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