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How To Tell If Your Dog Trusts You


Let’s be honest: You probably love your dog more than you love some humans. You spend most of your spare time exercising or cuddling with him. You talk to him just like you’d talk to your human best friend—freely without fear of being judged. The level of love and trust you feel toward your pet is no different than what you feel toward any other family member. But is the feeling mutual? Here’s how to tell if your dog trusts you.

5. Your Dog Maintains Eye Contact with You

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Not to be confused with a sign of domination, a dog that will maintain a relaxed posture while looking into a human’s eyes is one that trusts his or her owner. Indeed, scientists have confirmed that the reward center in a dog’s brain activates when looking into the eyes of its owner, which may be why dogs maintain eye contact in non-threatening ways. Head Over To The Next Page….

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