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Does My Dog Know I Love Him?


Does my dog know I love him? You shower your dog with treats, toys and lots of belly rubs in the hopes that the dog understands the intentions behind the actions. You adore your dog, but how do you know that the feeling has been translated into the doggy-friendly language? dog care insurance

Luckily there are doggy experts that have been able to bridge the “language gap” between humans and their four-footed friends. meijer brand flea and tick for dogs reviews

Learn How to Speak Dog

There are a few foolproof methods to make sure your dog feels loved and not just confused by the strange language you are speaking to it. In this case, actions really do speak louder than words!

#1— Ear Rubs Make Dogs High On Love

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It’s not your imagination, your dog really zones out a bit after a few seconds of ear rubbing. The reason for this is all the nerve endings found in your dog’s ears. By gently rubbing your dog’s ear, you are triggering the release of “happy hormones”, called endorphins. This potent hormone cocktail not only makes your dog feel giddy with love, it is also a natural painkiller. It’s a very easy and effective way to show your love for your dog in a tangible way that the dog will understand…Head over to the next page